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Sound Equipment Hire Newcastle

The rhythms of your event lie within those massive boxes of bass; get all your essential sound equipment from us.

Professional Equipment

Play Video

Video Cameras

Premium video recording capabilities to capture the best moments in life.

Sound System

We fill the air with flavor through our sound system that oozes musical delight. Check out the variety of options available.


Send the word to all the souls with the best microphones. We offer microphones that are reasonable in price and superlative in performance.


Experiencing life in high definition is one of the perks of having a great sound system, and they undoubtedly served me the best.

Equipments List

Our services range from generating the content in devices to displaying it in the highest quality possible.

Data Projector

Get branded projectors to process your videos and emit it on to screens. All content gains quality with the right projector.

Projection Screen

Hang it over the wall and get the videos to display on the plain screen for the wide range of emotions to take over the bleak space.

Lighting Components

Add a lively mood to your day with the perfect lighting components for a screening or event that is an integral part of your life.


Assemble the world's marvels on a screen with high-quality visuals and technological wonders to feel the enchantment.

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