7 Critical Audio Visual Components For Your Conference Room

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The working environment and the way we work is changing rapidly over the past few years. Work like balance has become a great deal for people to acknowledge, as companies are allowing part-time or remote working conditions to cut down on time and costs for the commute. Companies are also increasing their focus on the customer base and the management of relationships with them, rather than focusing solely on profits. To achieve all these and set their goal towards success. A lot of meeting ought to take place, and conference rooms or meeting rooms should be well equipped for that.  To maximize the efficiency of work and conferences, we’ve jotted down seven crucial audio and visual components that enhance the effect.


Displays are a must-have addition to all the meetings, especially if you’re connecting with people from other branches of the company. They enable us to see people in other locations and hence makes communication much more comfortable and effective. Many companies like Samsung, sharp etc. are using cutting edge technologies like the 4K UHD and higher versions to develop the crispest projectors or display boards for conference rooms.

Video conference

Audio or Video conference

Applications and websites like Zoom, Skype, Teams and saviors other conference room solutions are available in the market that is offering their clients and company customers to video and audio call without hindrance.

Speakers and microphones

A conference room is incomplete without the speakers and microphones. They’re generally incorporated into the ceiling or are mounted under the table. This allows the participants in the room to hear without hindrance.

Video camera

It is one of the most crucial aspects of a conference room or a conference room meeting to hold or conduct video calls with participants working remotely or in other branches of the company. Most of the conference room offers a 180-degree camera that covers every aspect of the room. For larger ones, a pan tilt zoom camera is essential.

Video control panel

It is one of the most easily accessible to get access to a conference room. They’re easy to use, and they’re basically used to support presentations and display video calls. They have all the options on the panel to control a video call or a conference meeting.

Video control panel


Without connectivity, it is impossible to make video or audio calls to anywhere in the building or world. There are two primary options for connectivity – wireless, wired or sometimes both. It is the companies choice on the type of connectivity they want to choose. With increase internet speed and flexibility, many companies are an option for wireless technologies since they’re fast and provide a higher bandwidth when compared to the latter.

Interactive whiteboard

Although this is not a must-have in the possessions, it is an added advantage owning ones they improve the communication. Interactive whiteboards are a smart move to help enhance better communication among the participants and also increases the company’s professionalism.

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